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CLUMSY ME! (d'oh)

AGE: 14 turning 15 on 11/9
HEIGHT: 5"3-5"4
GENDER: Female

anime, manga, fanfiction, fanart, music, computers, internet, friends, photoshop, doujinshi, japan, jpop, jrock, jdorama, dorama, sports, crack, cuteness, books, stories, all sorts of gadgets, cars, video games, livejournal, friendster, forums, astrology, mythology, sincere people, good humor, comedians, sarcasm, debates, satiric comedies, mysteries, etc.
DISLIKES: fandom wank, bashing, annoying people, no electricity, backstabbers
HOBBIES: writing stories, drawing, doodling, listening to music, using the computer, playing the piano/guitar, making icons, watching television, reading stories/books, reading manga, watching anime, downloading, sleeping

I'm pretty mature most of the time. *sighs* It comes with all that's happened in my life, you know? *is shot for being emo*
LEADER or FOLLOWER: I like leading the group from the background so I'm like a follower-but-leader person but most of the time, when we're grouped together, I'm automatically forced to be the leader so I have no choice but to lead >_>

Who's your fave Ultra Maniac character?
Ayu :3 because I think she's a really nice girl/person. I'm not going to elaborate but if any of you will ask, then I shall. Kukukuku. If we're talking about the boys, I'd go with Yuta though~ Ufufufu.
Which Ultra Maniac character do you think resembles you most? Why? I would say Yuta but I'll go with Tsujiai or Ayu. They seem calm and collected on the outside but on the inside, it's a whole different story XP

The curious mod wants to know how you stumbled upon ulmaniac_rating?
I got stamped at ufobaby_rating previously and since I also liked some of the animanga series it was affiliated with, I joined this one as well 8D
Describe your personality. I like being calm and collected and mysterious. It gives me some kind of security or something akin to that 8D. I am passionate and determined. I'll be totally comitted to things I want to do or achieve. Whenever I do something, I pace myself and plan it step by step. I'm loyal, almost protective, of people I hold close to my heart. I'm pretty tomboy-ish ^^;; and am half good girl, half bad girl. I like knowing what's underneath the underneath and when I get angry, I don't get mad... I get even. *blaring horror music*... or hold grudges. But of course, I rarely get angry so that's not really an issue. ^^;; The first impression people get from me is the quiet, snobby, suplada type (yes I'm Filipino :3) because I rarely converse with people I know nothing about so I come as an aloof person (You can imagine how akward I feel every first day of classes ~_~) but when I get used to them, I open up and they'll know that I'm a pretty funny and thoughtful girl HA. Yeah right. *is shot* 8D.
ETC.? I apologize for that long personality description ;_;
AT LEAST 2 CLEAR PICS OF YOURSELF. I'm not fond of getting my picture taken so I'll describe myself instead :p. I have layered black hair (which was actually dyed black because i dyed my hair brown-ish before and got scolded for it by the teacher so i dyed it black again 8D).. the last layer ends a few inches below my shoulder... I normally part my hair to one side and part some of the hairs of the shortest layer to form my bangs 8D... I sometimes tuck one of the them behind my ear. They suit me but I seldom wear headbands and hair pins/clips though ^__^;; I have a round-ish face and I have a fairly pale complexion (than most people). I have distinctive eyes... and. uh... I'm pretty tall for my age and my race ^^;; and yeah. *poofs*
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