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Clumsy me!

NICKNAME: Kyoy, Pipino
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: Iunno, 5-something
GENDER: Female

Cacti, humor, satire, allowance, freebies, making people happy, things that make me squee, helping people, being thanked (it warms my heart and gives me utter joy ♥)
DISLIKES: Rats, schoolwork, discrimination, smoking, exercise, Physical Education, being alone, being obvious with my feelings, changes, those that hurt/threaten my cacti, ungrateful people, people who crave attention, too much attention, annoying people, being ignored, people who ask but don't give, people in general :P
HOBBIES: Loving my cacti, the internet, reading, watching, video games, uploading downloadable goodies, cursing in my head

Immature but can be mature when called for
LEADER or FOLLOWER: I'd rather be a follower but I can be a leader when needed. I'd rather help in the back or helping people subtly so I'll get noticed less but still be helpful enough to acknowledged and remembered. :)

Who's your fave Ultra Maniac character?
Maya or Luna. They're both eccentric and awesome. But I think I like Maya more. XD
Which Ultra Maniac character do you think resembles you most? Why?I don't know, uh, Maya? I think my weak points and most of my personality point to Maya but I think I can be a Nina too. I don't know so I'm applying to find out. ^^

The curious mod wants to know how you stumbled upon ulmaniac_rating.
Affiliates of other comms.
Describe your personality. Hrm. My personality's pretty contradicting. I'm generally spiteful, impatient & short-tempered. I curse at the smallest things but only in my head so people won't know. XD This is because people annoy me easily. I'm impulsive and tactless, mean and sarcastic, shy and introverted around strangers. I don't socialize when I don't have to. I tend to act nonchalant when something happens but really, I care. I'm quite secretive and not very honest when it comes to my feelings. I have too many secrets I don't think I ever want to reveal. Though I may give the impression that I'm calm, I'm actually emotional--I just tend to keep them to myself until I burst. XP

I'm possessive & overprotective because I don't like being alone. I'm also impatient, impulsive and tactless most times and very stubborn & quite gullible. Sometimes, I'm too kind for my own good. My pride always gets the better of me when I try to apologize and when I ask for help. I'm paranoid and am usually suspicious of everyone. I tend to know things beforehand because of this but at least I get let down less. I also think & wince too much of the past to be optimistic on the future. (I can be optimistic on the small things though.) I can be sarcastic with my responses and my comments can be pretty out-of-the-blue-ish or odd to most people but that's just because they don't see things the way I see them. I'm not a morning person, I can be clumsy and I'm very, very lazy.

Despite me being easily annoyed by people, I love helping people out. But since I get embarrassed easily, I try to help subtly. I'm a loyal friend and I can be there to listen when needed. I can make people laugh without trying. I'm also humble, I'm independent and as much as possible, I like deciding for myself. I always try to finish everything I start. I can be cunning, creative and resourceful in getting the things I want. I always try my best to keep my promises because I hate letting people down--and being let down. I'm cheerful and hyper when something awesome impresses me but mostly, I'm low/medium on energy. I'm quite forgetful too.

Oh, and I may not sound nice but deep down, I really am. XD
ETC? Thanks for taking time to read and rate! *bows* And if it's possible, I'd rather be rated as one character so I hope the votes don't tie in the end....
AT LEAST 2 CLEAR PICS OF YOURSELF. Do I have to? Er--no thanks?
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